Quarry Report


April 8, 2019

We have an unusual challenge.  The back-flow preventer at Philips Outdoor Center has failed allowing some river water to enter when the level of the river was above six feet.  That has occurred several times this spring.  The first weekend of open water checkout dives was a challenge because of the reduced visibility.  At the surface, the visibility is around two feet.  That continues down to about 22 feet where it opens up to between five and ten feet.  However, little light reaches that depth so a dive light is required.  We ended up taking one student rather than two.  Temperature is about 41 degrees on the bottom and 48 on the surface.  A noticeable thermocline is beginning to form.  The upper water is at least ten degrees lower than normal for April.  Repairs are coming soon so water clarity will improve as the weather warms.

Happy Diving,


Thank you Taylor L. for the photos!