Quarry Report

November 29, 2017

With temperatures becoming lower, the algae is not growing and therefore the water is becoming clearer.  A 3 1/2 inch rain two weeks back did reduce the visibility in the upper water for a week but now, the visibility from the surface to 45 feet is very clear.  Carol told me she was at 40 feet and when looking up could see ripples on the surface.  We expect the visibility to become even better until the cold snap that will cause the warmer bottom water to come to the surface making a mess for two or three weeks.  Currently the water temperature is between 48 and 50 degrees (a good wetsuit or drysuit.)  Paddlefish have been sighted often and are out in the center cursing for food.  To see them, take a compass bearing from the concrete platform directly East and swim at between 15 and 20 feet – slowly.  They will find you…

Good diving,